Diamond Community School, Inc. is a private, nonprofit community-based school serving students in Kindergarten to 12th grades. The school has dual accreditation by the Florida Council of Private Schools and the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation, Inc.  The innovative, personalized services and family support makes Diamond a unique school with success stories abounding for children, youth and families.

The school provides high quality educational programs with a focus on learning and achievement through: motivational training, self-esteem programs, peer problem solving strategies, personal character development, respect for self and human diversity, family commitment and community pride. Diamond cultivates the minds of children through its founding tenets of the four-fold influence of the home, school, church and community.

Dr. Doreatha Fields, Founder

Dr. Doreatha Fields, Founder

"Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility"

In a divinely-inspired vision, Dr. Fields was awakened to the sound of children crying. In the vision, she saw a field of children wailing and crying with tremendous pain and anguish. The day was dark and cloudy. As she looked to the left in that vision, she saw a large institutional type building where children were being brought to the doors and pushed out. The children were being told, "You're not going to make it! You don't have what it takes!" These children were trying to return to the building and the doors were shut in their faces. There, seemingly thousands of children stood crying, screaming and feeling rejected.

As Dr. Fields looked over the field of children, beholding their anguish, she looked down just in front of her, there stood a little girl who had cried so audibly until she was only tearing. The sight of this little girl was intense and powerful. As she beheld the field of children, a bright light that broke through the dark, overcast skies engaged her. She heard a voice from the light, which said, "Are you your brother's keeper?" Once again, she looked over the field and felt the pain, heard the cries and saw the anguish. As quickly as the vision came, it disappeared leaving her with both the conviction and call to be a conduit of light for these children.



Dr. Fields opened the school on Sept. 5, 1995 with five students and vision of hope. The first school featured classes for kindergarten to sixth grades. Within two years, the school had "maxed" out of capacity at 32 children. Her program featured excellence in education for all students, regardless of their academic performance level. This growth was due to the reputation the school has earned for transitioning students from failure to above average academic performance.

Success stories consist of students who have captured the essence of self-discipline, personal pride, strong communication skills, increased academic performance and leadership teamwork.


The school was formerly located in a small 1,100-square-foot house on Lipscomb Street just north of East University Boulevard in Melbourne, Florida.

It is currently located at 2575 Doreatha Fields Avenue, N.E. in Palm Bay, Florida. The school was relocated to an expanded 14,700-square-foot facility to accommodate a greater number of children and families needing the personalized services and educational excellence.


Diamond reaches children through their individual style of learning and social relationships for cultivating maximum learning and achievement. Non-denominational and non-sectarian in orientation, the school's success hinges largely on its ability to teach children in a Christian, faith-based educational environment. Children learn the essence of personal human values and how to express love and respect for one another.

Diamond's support services include programs for children with learning disabilities, developmental delays and social and emotional challenges. The school provides remedial reading and math programs and has been successful in working with children with speech, language and hearing impairments.

Students thrive in an environment of Music and Technology as well as morning devotional activities that are designed to help children develop academically as they are enabled to express their faith with peers and faculty.

Diamond supports student's involvement in career development and job training. Diamond is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and is in the process of rebuilding our Basketball Team and our cheerleader squad.


The principle funding sources for Diamond's operations include nominal tuition paid by families, grants, fundraisers, and individual tax deductible donations including business, community and corporate underwriting. Diamond Community School also accepts the McKay Scholarship and Step Up for Children Scholarship. Diamond taps into the need for individuals in the community to contribute to something about which they feel passionate.

Consequently, the school has volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to offset the cost of tuition, goods and materials as well as precious hours of expertise in teaching, clerical, tutoring, mentoring and extracurricular activities.


Governance is provided through a volunteer Board of Directors from a variety of fields of expertise, who meet monthly on the fourth Wednesday. The meetings are at 6:00 p.m. Additionally, board members serve on at least one of the four subcommittees, including (1) Fund Development, (2) Marketing/Publicity, (3) Facility Development and (4) Finance. These committees meet to strategize and implement plans designed to lend their expertise, resources, insight and influence to help the school meet its operational and financial goals. Each year the Board of Directors awards the "Eagle Award" to the student who exemplifies the mission, philosophy and ideals of the Diamond Community School.


The Executive Director provides general administration of all operational functions and staff. The school's faculty consists of a dedicated team of high-quality, compassionate degreed Teachers and Teacher Assistants who are certified through our private accreditation agency. The commitment to excellence in environment and nutrition is shared by nutrition services and environmental staff. Office and clerical staff are committed to superior customer service and professionalism.


"I want the school to be accessible to all communities, but particularly to communities that would otherwise not have access to a private school," Diamond's founder Dr. Doreatha Fields said in a Feb. 5, 1997 article in Florida Today. The school accepts enrollment from children from throughout Brevard county. Diamond's goal is to maximize each child's learning by ushering them into the skills to maximize their potential and abilities. The school continues to attract the attention of the media as more and more success stories abound in the changed lives of children. Through the use of innovative personalized teaching in small group settings, students - regardless of their style of learning - overcome challenges and begin to soar as they gain higher self-esteem and self-confidence.


Each child who enters school at Diamond is tested, not only to gauge their grade level in each basic subject, but also mainly to determine their individual learning style. Teachers adapt their teaching techniques to each child's learning needs, rather than expounding a method of instruction and expecting each child to adapt to that stringent style. Many children have fallen through the cracks in traditional school environments, and a growing number have landed in Diamond's safety net.


Diamond involves parents and guardians in the education process to insure a strong continuity and partnership between the school and the home. A Parent Resource Library and Social Services Suite enable parents to have access to computers, videos, educational games, educational supplies and reading books. Parents and Guardians are a vital part of the innovative strategies at Diamond Community School.