The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
is the parent activities group that meets monthly to plan activities for the school. This group serves to strengthen school pride and parent involvement. All parents are asked to be an active part of this parent organization.
Parents Involved in Promoting Education (PIPE)
Parents are encouraged to work with our students through PIPE. Scholarship parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours per week. The volunteer time may include chaperoning school field trips or assisting in the front offices.
Student Academic Mentors (SAM)
is designed for local businesspersons to serve as mentors and role models for students.
Pastors As Links (PAL)
is designed to have pastors of local churches visit the school to provide positive role models for students and to support the operational needs of the school and students.
Teachers Accentuating Performance (TAP)
is designed to promote a positive home-school relationship. Retired educators may participate in this program to serve as mentors for faculty members.
SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco)
is a program that engages Middle and High School students in developing and implementing school-based and community-wide anti- smoking and smoke-free educational campaigns.
Driver's Education
teaching students responsible driving and safety components. This onsite program is partially funded by the Board of County Commissioners. Parent resources are available along with hands-on classroom and road experience.
Boy Scouts
is an onsite troop sponsored by the Boys Scouts of Central Florida. The program provided weekly activities, camping experience and crafts.
is available featuring door-to-door pickup/return and personalized family discounts are available.
Fine Arts Dance Program
assists students in cultivating and displaying dance and mime talents. Students perform and in-house and community events.
Fine Arts Drama Program
affords students the opportunity to develop, write and implement plays and performances for in-house and community-based events.
Fine Arts Music Program
involves students in vocal and instrumental classes and personalized lessons.
Career Development Center
is available to students and community residents. It features career training skills, technology labs, community outreach services and job placement support services. This program is partially funded by the City of Palm Bay.
ACCESS FLORIDA Community Social Services Site
enables community residents to access computers on-site to apply, update, renewal and receive information regarding social assistance programs
Parent Advisory Program & Resource Library
consists of books, videos, games and educational information for parents and children. In addition, parents may participate in the LOAN-A-LAP program to access a laptop computer for home use in order to close the digital divide for economically challenged households.